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My Goddess, My Love
My goddess,
Running through the crisp forest,
With you by my side,
My hair the wind caress,
To the dark shadows, we can confide
My mother,
I reveal my deep secrets,
You always understand,
Release my worse regrets,
Hold me close with your caring hand
My teacher,
Give me knowledge,
The key to being Wiccan,
Nothing I will find in my deepest dredge,
Missing you makes my stomach sicken
My friend,
I speak of the boy,
With the enchanting eyes and the beautiful laugh,
I cannot be coy,
It is him I must have,
My lover,
Caress my soul,
Fill me with content,
Towards you, my clandestine pull,
Like eating chocolate on Lent,
The emotions rage through me,
here one minuet, gone the next,
You are the Key,
Don't let me fall into life's Vortex
:iconxxsugarpandaxx:XxSuGaRpAnDaxX 0 7
what i thought you felt
Sealed with a kiss,
I feel its love,
Our souls entwined,
my brown eyed dove,
I care for you,
You stay by my side,
A golden sunset,
Our love shall abide,
Look in my eyes,
Kiss me sweet,
I dream of the moment
our lips will meet
i confess my care
you kill my heart,
leave my soul bare
we cannot part
my bond holds strong
throughout our hopes
for tis you that i long
i will not mope
tear my heart
no more tears
please dont part
so many fears
alas, i remain alone
friends blossom with teen love
i sink my blade, to bone
my brown eyed dove
:iconxxsugarpandaxx:XxSuGaRpAnDaxX 0 4
there was a girl.
she felt alone.
and then.
there was the boy.
he amazed her.
she amazed him.
at least the thought she might.
she wasnt quite sure.
when she was around,
he was quite, sweet, different than with his friends.
he laughed and talked and looked at her.
she loved him.
he loved her.
she thought.
she had the same lunch as he did.
he looked and pointed at her to his friend.
but why?
she dazed through school.
daydreaming the possibilities.
did he like her?
did he think she was gross?
was she a loser in his eyes?
she was.
a pathetic one.
no negative thoughts.
although she wanted to expect the worst.
when she asked him to be her very-much loved boyfriend.
so it wouldnt be painful when he said no.
so she expected it.
but she couldnt.
she saw then together in a loving embrace.
holding hands. head on shoulder.
she was going to get hurt by him.
she no longer cared.
she WANTED him. longed.
love is cruel.
and so was he.
:iconxxsugarpandaxx:XxSuGaRpAnDaxX 0 11
fits like a glove
Fits like a Glove
Her eyes have a shine,
I hold her close to me,
Our arms, entwined,
She writes it down,
Its boldly underlined,
You mean the world to me
Humanity can let us be,
They obviously don’t know love,
But us together now, it fits like a glove
She laughs in my ear,
She traces a heart on my chest,
One another’s thoughts we hear,
We see each other as our best
You mean the world to me
Humanity can let us be,
They obviously don’t know love,
But us together now, it fits like a glove
Love creates couples by the pairs,
No gender required,
We can feel your fucking stares
But who cares, who fucking cares
You mean the world to me
Humanity can let us be,
They obviously don’t know love,
But us together now, it fits like a glove
:iconxxsugarpandaxx:XxSuGaRpAnDaxX 2 19
appetizing onigiri by XxSuGaRpAnDaxX appetizing onigiri :iconxxsugarpandaxx:XxSuGaRpAnDaxX 0 8
Dance Of Midnight
The flowers whisper among themselves,
The trees' branches unwind and unfurl
The elf children playing ring around the rosy
Spinning their dresses and kissing the girls
The faeries conduct a ballet
Upon the water top
Gracefully dancing upon their toes
While holding a water drop
All the unicorns ride through the night
Moonlight makes their coats glitter
Like magic, melancholy drifts away
No anger, sorrow, or feeling bitter
Mermaids on the lakeshores
Tempting you with their beauty
But, warning, do not follow
For your watery death is their duty
The Forest Ladies peek from behind the trees
Their purple eyes blink at you with curiosity
Make your movements slow and graceful
Or they will disappear with great velocity
A pleased, Golden Griffin
Arisen from a long, lazy, nap
Stretches His great wings
And gives them a regal flap
Across the blue moonlit sky
A dragon takes her very first flight
Her wings cover the cresante moon
She is every bit freer than a kite
This is the world I long to be in
I lo
:iconxxsugarpandaxx:XxSuGaRpAnDaxX 0 12
Hurry up and take the damn pic by XxSuGaRpAnDaxX Hurry up and take the damn pic :iconxxsugarpandaxx:XxSuGaRpAnDaxX 0 7 god, no autographs by XxSuGaRpAnDaxX god, no autographs :iconxxsugarpandaxx:XxSuGaRpAnDaxX 0 6
The Sad Story Of Marina
In a split second, every time Marina had turned down self-inflicted pain, all the therapy, all of what Marina had worked for, fell to pieces, was worth nothing. It was a simple bagel. And a butter knife. She ended up in the hospital, nearly bleeding to death.  All she intended was to cut the fricken thing apart. To have a peaceful midnight snack. She got carried away. It was her way of venting. She has a long tale. If you become squeamish at the mention of gore, I suggest you turn back now. If you keep reading, you will be taken away to her world, it will be too late, in fact, I would rather you read her story, give Marina a chance.
                Marina’s stomach seemed to be screaming to her for something at 12:47 pm. A bagel, in particular, with butter, sugar and cinnamon, the way she used to eat it with her mom. She slowly got up from her plastic leather couch, taking a moment to stretch
:iconxxsugarpandaxx:XxSuGaRpAnDaxX 0 15


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Love is when i always think about you
Love is when i could stay up all nite just talking about you
Love is when i have a heart attack when i think about you
Love is when i daydream about you
Love is when i go into cardiac arrest when you walk in the room
Love is when your looks kill me
Love is when i will say anything to hear your voice talk back to me
Love is when i would do anything for you
Love is when i am addicted to you

comment if you have a good one :D


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